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Anonymous asked: where is your green smoothie jug from? sorry if you've been asked this too many times..



japan! i got it while travelling but they also sell it here. they only ship to japan though…




Right now: Venezuelan students are being silenced with bullets - [0:55]
(via Reddit)

this is insane, holy shit

yes, today is the day where i feel blessed to be living in japan but also cry bitter tears at how a government fueled by hate and greed managed to destroy such a beautiful place. that guy who got shot and died could have been me or any of my best friends, i’ve been to this kind of protests before. the average number of homicides since this regime started is 79 deaths daily. there’s more people getting killed there than in countries at war. i’ve had my mom kidnapped by the guerilla, a gun aimed at me more than once and our house completely robbed. and it’s not just me. it happens to most people there. venezuela, i hate and love you at the same time and i’m completely torn right now. if you’re reading this (and you’re not venezuelan or from a country in an similar or worse situation) please take a moment to be grateful for being born wherever you were born

Anonymous asked: How are tampons not vegan friendly? Vegan is just abstaining from animal products, not GMO or supposed 'toxins'.










Tampons use chlorine bleached cotton, and the chlorine is tested on animals. All the chemicals that go into tampons and pads are tested on animals. That’s why a menstrual cup is always better :)

Tampons are also tested on animals by literally raping them with it, leaving them in for a set amount of time, and then seeing the damage they caused.

Vaginal Study:

Rabbits were anestheized with ketamine 35 mg/kg and xylazine 6 mg/kg. A tampon was inserted through the urogential sinus into the vagina above the urethra by means of a plastic applciator. Five ml of fluid. -.1 cc of staphylococcal suspension (S. aureus strain FRI-1169) was applied to the tampon through the applicator. A string for tampon removal remained at the vulvar opening. Blood was obtained for baseline studies via the marginal ear vein. After 4 hours, the animal was again anesthetized, the tampon was removed by gentle traction upon the string, and a second tampon was inserted. Another 5.0 ml of sterile fluid without staphylococci was applied to the tampon and the second tampon was allowed to remain in place for 4.0 hours and then removed under anesthetic as before. A third tampon was inserted and another 5 ml of sterile fluid was injected. The tampons (test or glyceryl monolaurate-treated) were allowed to remain in the vagina for 14-16 hours to simulate overnight usage. Blood was obtained for TSST-1 quantitation, hematogic and clinical chemistry. Upon removal of the tampons, the weight was determined and the fluid was extracted. TSST-1 concentration, pH and cfu of staphylococci were measured by radioimmunoassay, pH meter, and plating of dilutions on mannitol salt agar. 

Twelve female baboons were identified by immobilization with Ketamine HCl and vaginal examination for gross evidence of infection.

Unfinished control tampons had 5 ml of a S. aureus toxigenic strain grown in Brain Heart Infusion Broth for 24 hours at 37° C. absorbed onto their distal ends (ends distant from the string). Pre-weighed seed tampons were immediately introduced into the baboon vagina, without the use of a speculum, and the pull string cut. Rectal temperature and indirect systolic blood pressure was taken and recorded. Five milliliter blood samples were taken from the cephalic vein and the serum stored at -70° C. until analysis for the presence of anti-TSST-1 antibody and clinical chemistry could be executed. After the first twelve hours, the baboon was immobilized with Ketamine HCl and the tampon was removed. After removal of the seed tampon, all baboons had control (y) tampons inserted intravaginally to allow for additional growth of S. aureus and TSST-1 production within the vaginal cavity. After twelve hours’ additional incubation, the animals were divided in two sets of six whereby six baboons were tested with the control tampons and six with GML coated tampons. After the 48-hour exposure period, all animals had tampons inserted supplemented with 5.0 ml of their own blood serum because of diminished menstrual flow.

That’s disgusting… are menstrual cups usually safe?? And not abusing animals to test?

Menstrual cups are not tested on animals, nor do they typically contain animal based dyes. Reusable pads can also be a vegan option depending on the materials used to make them. 

If you can’t utilize either of these options though, this is something that would fall under the “…As far as practical and possible.” clause. 

fuck i really don’t like menstrual cups what do i do?

Does anybody know if all tampons are tested on animals, or whether it’s just particular brands? 

I had no idea of this! I feel sick reading it. Luckily I’ve already switched over to a cup. It was weird at first but didn’t take long to get use to and it’s waaaaay better. They are much more hygienic, you only need to change them every 12 hrs, they are cheaper in the long run, aren’t cruel, don’t leave cotton bits inside you or bleach! And they don’t contribute to pollution. I use the Lunette brand.

important stuff. switching to a menstrual cup is one if the best decisions i’ve ever made

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